Author Spotlight

light-67324_640If you would like to take part in my once a month Author Spotlight feature, please do get in touch with me via this blog. The aim is to promote your latest release or one you have coming up. I would like to include the following from authors as a minimum:

  • A picture of your cover.
  • Your bio.
  • An excerpt from your forthcoming novel.
  • Your buying links.

I would be more than happy to interview you as well if you’d like but we can discuss that in more detail once you make contact with me. Alternatively, you could write a guest post for me on a subject that we both feel might be of interest to my readers. I would be very interested to discuss unusual settings and musical connections, of course!

If you think this would be of interest to you, please leave me a message in the comments below and I will get back to you to talk about it in more detail and to schedule a date. I look forward to hearing from you and would be grateful if you would share this with your writing friends if you think it might be of interest to them. Thanks for reading, as always 🙂

Karen Ankers – The Crossing Place

Susanna Bavin – The Deserter’s Daughter

Karen King – The Cornish Hotel by the Sea

Helen Pollard – Summer at The Little French Guesthouse

Marie Laval – The Dream Catcher

Jackie Ladbury – Air Guitar and Caviar

Abbey MacMunn – Touched

Ros Rendle – Flowers of Flanders

Kate Field – The Magic of Ramblings

Mary Grand – Free to Be Tegan

Zeba Clarke – Dream Guy

David J Robertson – Dognapped

Julia Wild – Moon Shadow

Jenny Harper – Between Friends

Sharon Booth – A Kiss from a Rose

Alys West – Beltane

Jannette Spann – Right Time for Love

Elise Abram – Revenant

Margaret K. Johnson – Taming Tom Jones

Sam Russell – A Bed of Barley Straw

Anne Goodwin – Sugar and Snails

Heidi Swain – The Cherry Tree Café

Clare Lydon – This London Love

Michael Cairns – Thirteen Roses

Kate Foster – Winell Road

Jennifer Young – Looking for Charlotte

Helen Pollard – Holding Back

E. L. Wicker – Fractured Immortal

Emma Davies – Letting in Light


11 thoughts on “Author Spotlight

    • Hi Jannette, Thanks for reading today and for leaving a comment 🙂 I’ll send you an email and we’ll take it from there. Best wishes.


  1. Hi, I can see you are very busy! My book ‘Free to Be Tegan’ has been out for a year now. It is about recovering from cult upbringing. it is partly based on my own experience and a lot of research.i would be happy to do an interview or whatever would suit. Thank you Mary Grand .


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